Kenny Ong:

Associate Manager at IGN

Former COO of Finding Founders

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About Me

If you're on my website, nice to meet you! I'm Kenny Ong, an Associate Manager at IGN.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with an English Major and Political Economy minor in 2021 and boast a wealth of interpersonal experience, technical skills, and passions in various topics. Currently, I'm living the dream of working in the entertainment industry through my passion for video games, films, and podcasts!

Through my previous work at Finding Founders, I contributed to building a global community of founders and creators while also assisting in getting our podcast acquired by Hubspot. After eventually settling into my role as COO, I oversaw 8 interns in outreach, research and design. In short, I always strive to find new ways to engage with audiences while also streamlining the process and lightening the burden for the rest of our team! 

I am extremely experienced in productivity and enterprise software, using programs like Concur, Nexonia, Oracle Fusion, and Worksuite for freelancer onboarding and invoicing. Additionally, I have leveraged my knowledge in Airtable and Notion to build databases which are used across my company’s departments, cutting down time for pricing and talent acquisition. Lastly, I’m self-taught in the Google Suite, even leveraging Google Sites to build my own website.

As for projects, my favorite contributions include the spearheading of Finding Founders' esports series and weekly newsletter, and the assistance on several million dollar campaigns from brands such as Amazon, Kellogg’s, etc. through IGN Entertainment Inc.

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